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Audiology Services

Hearing Aids

Although there is no cure for hearing loss, hearing aids help compensate for hearing impairment. The array of hearing devices that are available can be bewildering. If you have been dissatisfied with hearing aids in the past, it could be that you had the wrong style. Don’t give up! Your audiologist can guide you to the most appropriate device for your situation.

Hearing Protection

Modern life is noisy! Peace and quiet can seem like an elusive dream. But from an audiologist’s perspective, eliminating excessive noise is imperative to protect your ears from damage. When you can’t control the sound level, you should use hearing protection. Finding the correct protection means that you not only need to block out enough noise, but you also need to take environmental factors into account.


If you’re familiar with wearables—technology that can be worn—such as smart watches or fitness trackers, you probably know that hearables are wearable pieces of technology that fit in the ear. Hearables are becoming increasingly popular. Here is what you should know about them.

Custom Ear Molds

Can you hear me now? Much of the time when we think about hearing issues it’s our reduced ability to hear someone. But too much noise in our environment can lead to hearing loss, so how can we turn down the volume when we can’t literally turn down the volume?

Musician Ear Molds

Hearing loss for a musician is potentially both a personal and professional tragedy. Whether you’re in a rock band or an orchestra, as a musician you have a special need to protect your hearing. You also have a special dilemma: in protecting your hearing by dampening the sound volume, you can also distort the quality of the sound you hear.


If your hearing loss is severe in one or both ears, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. To determine if you may be an appropriate candidate, special audiological testing is performed both in quiet and noisy conditions to simulate your real-world environment.