For the sake of your hearing, custom ear molds could be just what you need.

The right fit

Protective hearing devices are available over-the-counter. Many people, however, experience discomfort. More importantly, when the earplug doesn’t fit properly, it isn’t fully protecting your hearing. For the sake of your hearing, custom ear molds could be just what you need.

Those who work in noisy environments—such as construction sites or factories—obviously need protection. But many recreational activities can also expose you to harmful levels of sound. Some sound is sporadic, such as target shooting or hunting, and some sound is sustained, such as motorcycling or mowing your lawn. In these, and other situations, custom ear molds will protect your hearing and still allow you to enjoy your favorite activity.

Water protection

Swimmers also benefit from custom ear molds. Noise is not the only issue ear molds address. If you’ve ever had swimmer’s ear, you know the pain and itching it brings. When water doesn’t properly drain from your ear, the moist environment becomes ideal for bacteria to grow. In addition to the pain and itching, you will likely experience decreased hearing.

Whether it’s for comfort or better protection, Dr. Colby’s office can provide custom ear molds. Whether you need full- or half-shell protection or soft or solid material, we can guide you to the best options for your personal situation. With custom molds, you can feel assured that your ears are protected. Taking care to protect your ears today helps ensure better hearing tomorrow. Make your appointment today!